I’m so sorry for being so lazy with the blogging! But as a lot of you are aware a few things have happened over the last few weeks!! 

So first of all I think the last blog I posted we were going to look at a puppy. Well little Lola comes home on Saturday! We fell in love with with despite hearing she is a ‘firecracker’ and ‘bombproof’! We can’t wait to have you home Lola bear. 

Secondly i celebrated my 21st birthday. Oh my what a birthday! One that I will never forget. I can not thank the people who helped me get my party ready enough and they all did an amazing job! What made the evening so special however is that I SAID YES! My gorgeous Josh proposed to me and we are now engaged!! What an emotional night. He did so well, the ring is perfect, the timing was perfect, everything was perfect! 

Once we finally came down from cloud 9 it was time to celebrate my actual birthday. I was so lucky with all my gifts I received (plenty of champagne!). However I can not believe my parents bought me a Kitchen Aid! I have wanted one of these since I moved out as I love them! It looks gorgeous in our kitchen! 

I have started to wedding plan already and we are aiming for June 2019! I bought so milestone wedding cards to help document our wedding plan journey! Lots of venues and wedding fairs to visit! I can’t wait! 

Again thank you to everyone who made the last few weeks so special! I’m so lucky to have such amazing and wonderful people around me. 


Hurry up spring 

Again another busy week! Birthday planning, dissertation writing and looking after children! We have been so lucky with the weather this week! I can not wait for spring to officially arrive and everywhere to look green again! 

I can not believe how stressful it is to find a black dress! Any recommendations where I can find one?! 

This week Josh and I celebrated 4 years of being together. Of course he brought me some beautiful flowers. This year has been so special already! I can not wait too see what the future holds for us! However what we do know is that it will soon involve someone else with 4 paws! We have given in and are going to view some puppies tomorrow! I know we will fall in love with them all! 

This week I received my Pretty Little Parcel from There is some gorgeous pieces that came, totally worth the money! I’m already anticipating next months parcel!! 

We where really lucky to have a some bunting handmade for us from a friend. Jessica Sandercock has made us some gorgeous bunting for our kitchen. I can not wait to put it in and get some lovely photos to share with you all! 

Have a fabulous Friday and hope your weekend is even better!

Hello March 

I can not believe march is here already. We have been in our home for a month already. This has gone so quickly!

 Since my last post Josh, Zoë and I have been busy starting up a small family run business. Josh does amazingly well with creating things from pallets and Zoë is so clever when it comes to upholstery we thought why not sell the products? We have called ourselves ‘Bee’s Country Cottage’ and it would be amazing if you could all take a look at our Instagram and Facebook page. We still have a long way to go but you have to start somewhere right? 

Aside from this I have been busy preparing for my birthday in a couple of weeks, making sure our house is clean and tidy, and writing my dissertation. Josh and I have decided to just chill out today and just relax. We are going to my parents house for dinner (which I can not wait for) and we may pop to homesense for a little look. I feel we need to buy a few bits for the kitchen and bedroom to make them feel homely. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! 

Let’s have an amazing March!

Thinking about everything 

This week has been a whirlwind. What a busy week it has been. Sometimes all you need to do is take a moment to step back breathe and have a coffee! This is what I have been living by this week. I am in my final year of University so this means I am full flow dissertation writing, working full time and trying to keep our house tidy and clean! Not only this I decided to start slimming world (I will keep you all updated if I’m succsessful!). It has defiantly taken its toll this week as I haven’t been feeling that great. 

Even though life gets busy sometimes it is so important to always find time for the things you love. I must admit on Tuesday I did make a few cakes (always find time to bake!) and do some shopping! I found these gorgeous lanterns in Aldi for £4.99! They look beautiful in our living room. I brought some church candles from wilkinson and they smell lovely! I am becoming obsessed with Zoflora. I buy it everywhere I seem to find it! I have found it cheapest in a premier shop for 99p. Bargain!! 

Tomorrow birthday preparations begin with a hair consultation in the morning and then the rest of the day will consist of mostly cleaning. However we do have Josh’s sister coming over to talk all things interior…(watch this space!!). Happy Friday, and hope you all have a great weekend! 

The last weekend of February 

Wow what a weekend! We have been so busy especially with it being Josh’s birthday.

So on Friday Josh finished off his pallet table and I must say it looks amazing! Infact he has already had somebody request one! It cost us so little to make and what makes it even more special is that we used a DIY varnish. This was a mixture of vinegar and hot chocolate scrubbed on with wire wool. I can not believe what difference it made and something so simple! We did find though that we had to use some diluted coffee to disguise the smell from the vinegar, but it worked!

While Josh was doing this I was busy sorting out our bedroom. It has made such a difference just moving it around. I just need to purchase some pictures for one wall that is quiet bare. Once I had finished the bedroom I began baking Josh’s birthday cake (any excuse to bake). It turned out so well, I was so pleased!

For his birthday I brought him a Nespresso machine. I brought the magimix one with the aerrocino included. I can not believe how quick and easy it is to use and how tasty the coffees are! We where so lucky to receive two le creuset mugs as a gift and they fit perfectly on the coffee machine.

Over the weekend Josh’s sister made us some pillows that match our footstool. They are made so well and look amazing in the living room! Take a look at her instagram @zoe.elizabeth.x for more gorgeous creations!

Last but not least we finally have a tablecloth! My mum and dad brought us one from Laura Ashley and it fits so well in the kitchen! It has really brightened it up and our new egg basket looks so cute on the table.

We’ve had such a busy weekend and have been so lucky with all our gifts we’ve recieved since moving in! We have such special friends and family and are so thankful

Week 3…

We have been in our home 3 weeks today! And what a few weeks it has been. We are finally starting to feel settled and things are sorting out. We have finally sorted the heating out so that the house is warm! And josh has figured out how to get the log burner producing heat quickly! Trust me this is a real bonus! 

Not only this I have had a delivery of two gorgeous handmade fabric hearts for our living room. They look super cute on our door handles. I’ve also rearranged all the flowers into one vase which has really brightened up our kitchen and josh brought some daffodils to start feeling like spring is on the way, especially after storm Doris hitting us! I have been seeing a lot of people putting gypsophilia in to a jar and I love that idea! I tried it out and it’s so cute. I’ve put it in our bathroom to add some decoration. I just love fresh flowers since we have moved out as it adds so much more colour and homeliness to the house! 

Our next adventure is to tackle the bedroom. I’m not happy with how it is looking so the next step is to rearrange the furniture and I’m sure this means ordering more accessories!! I think this will be happeneing over the weekend so I’ll keep you all posted! 

Even though we will be busy sorting the bedroom out, it’s also Josh’s birthday! A busy day tomorrow preparing for his birthday invlolving plenty of baking and lots of surprises coming! I can’t wait for the weekend. Happy Friday!x 

The weekend! 

What a busy weekend! Firstly josh has re grouted the fire place. This has freshened it up so much and it now looks even better than before. It has made such a difference to the living room just doing something little like that. He has also been busy in the garden. He has tidied up and this has changed the garden so much! I can not wait for spring when we start seeing some colour.

I mentioned in a previous post about some shelves I had bought from facebook…I re painted those. I can’t wait for it to go on the wall as it is a perfect place for my collection of teacups and saucers.

Not only were we busy with the house but we had some guests stay over on Saturday night. Josh made his speciality, seafood pasta (it is so scummy and so simple!) and I made a bannofee roulade (take a look at Sainsbury’s recipe, so easy to follow).

The past couple of days josh has been busy in the shed originally making a foot stall using a pallet. It has turned out so well but I think he has now decided he is going to use it as a side table! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when he has finished it! (Pictures will follow soon).

My grandparents moved last week which meant we received some goodies. They sent us a blanket box painted in Annie Sloan grey paint. This has slotted so well into our living room next to armchair. They also sent us a chest of drawers which I can’t wait to get stuck in with upcycling it.

What a busy few days!!


The First Bake

I love to bake and I was so excited when we moved out to bake even more! On Tuesday I made a banana loaf following Mary Berry’s recipe (of course). This was because I had bananas that needed using and I was desperate to use my new loaf tin.

The recipe was:

2 Bananas

2 eggs

2 tbsp milk

100g butter

175g caster sugar

225g self-raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

Everything was put in to a mixing bowl at the same time and thoroughly mixed together. I lined the tin with greaseproof paper and baked in the oven for 1 hr on 180 ºC.

When I made this I did not use baking powder. This was purely just because I had none in my cupboard. I also added butterscotch pieces which added some extra sweetness. This was the first time I have made a banana loaf and felt that I could have doubled up on bananas to make it tastier!

It gave a lovely smell throughout the house and tasted even better!


Our first week 

We have been in our new home coming on to two weeks now. I have loved every minute of it. Josh and I have been getting on really well (other than the odd ‘debate’ on who’s doing the washing up!) and everything so far is going ok. 

We have been doing most of our shopping at Asda just too keep the costs down, but we are planning a trip to Costco to stock up on things such as toilet roll etc. We also did a big shop at Aldi for cupboard bits such as tinned tomatoes, herbs and pasta sauces.

During the week we managed to get our hands on 6 dining chairs for free, from Facebook! And we’ve been given a dining table, we just need to purchase a PVC tablecloth. We also got a rug, which is so comfy, from Groupon. It looks gorgeous in the living room! (See picture below) 

This week I did my first bake! I am really in to baking and we had some over ripe bananas – this meant banana loaf! In my next post I will be sharing the recipe and of course a picture! 

Moving in day (Week!)

Once we decided we wanted to move in to our own home it took us around a month to find somewhere and move in! We originally found a house that we applied for but we did not get accepted, someone else got there first! We did not let this get us down as we are big believers in fate and clearly that house was not right for us. However we then viewed this house and everything just fell in to place….

Once the previous tenants moved out we where lucky enough to be given a set of keys early. This meant we could get in, decorate and do a good clean. I decided to go for a light grey in the living room because I love the decor that matches, Pinterest was my best friend!! I then decided on a stone colour in the bedroom as I wanted red and neutral check bedding and curtains.

We officially moved in on February 3rd but it took us all weekend to get settled (we still have unpacked boxes!). All our family and friends got stuck in with helping us move which we where so thankful for and could not have done it without them.

We had a new sofa delivered on the moving in day which we decided to get from Sofology. This was really important to us to have a good quality sofa as we wanted something that will last us hopefully for at least 10 years.

Who knew two people who have never had their own place before could have so much stuff!!